We offer



This product line includes:

  • Top quality certified grass seeds of the Dutch company BARENBRUG
  • Long-term effect fertilizers of the companies MIVENA and PROLANDA
  • Organo-mineral fertilizers of the company MELSPRING
  • Wide range of NPK fertilizers (Forestina, YARA, Lovochemie)
  • Plant and soil vital functions activators of the company PRP Technologies
  • Grass turfs produced by Dutch companies Direct Gazon and Hendriks Graszoden
  • Stonecrop mats Sedum
  • Wide range of substrates and peats
  • Fertilizer spreaders


An extensive service for our partners is also a part of the material deliveries:

  • Very good cooperation with our carriers allows us to quickly transport the goods to the place of delivery all over the Czech Republic.
  • We are monitoring the grass turfs production quality of our Dutch suppliers by regular visits of their sites.
  • Both our grass turf suppliers offer treatment  of their product before transport by the system of vacuum cooling that minimizes the chance of turf damage by so called mowburn.
  • In close cooperation with the football and golf clubs we are preparing all year-round schedules of fertilization, soil sample analysis and other services connected with the grassy surface maintenance.
  • We provide extensive professional consultancy in the area of planting and maintenance of grassy surffaces.
  • With the help of our partners and specialists from abroad we are trying to increase education and proficiency of our clients even via educational excursions abroad.
  • We cooperate with different branch organizations as for example SZÚZ, IOG, ČSG and others.