Cash & Carry Bříství

Come - pick - pay - load - carry away.

On the area of 2 hectares we offer a wide range of plant material and supplementary goods ready for immediate sale, which allows swift and effective implementation of small and medium gardening projects.

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CASH&CARRY saves time and money

Cash&Carry can make your business activities more effective. It has been built as your base.
What you can find here. In the first place, you can find here almost everything you need for your gardening implementation. You do not need to take care of the plants and planting material until the moment of planting.
You do not need to invest in building your own plant storage place and storerooms.
You do not need to spend money on people that purchase and then take care of the plants.
You can have lesser warehouse stock and thus more funds available.
As a result of this you can invest more time and energy into creative and highly professional work and take better care of your customers.

Open Day in Bříství
opening of the Cash&Carry season

Every six months we organize an Open Day in Bříství. This event is usually connected with purchase price discounts and some refreshment that makes it more pleasant. What makes it even more pleasant is the presence of our colleagues from grass seed production branch and invited lecturing specialists

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Právě frčí v Cash & Carry

Aktual offer of coniferous trees

Coniferous trees in stock on Bristvi

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Protection against COVID-19 in C&C

Cash & Carry is opened. We ask you for your communication in time, before the expedition of your ordered goods.We are preparing next adaptation to protect your and our health for the autumnal season in our C&C ground.

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Nová aktuální nabídka keřů v C&C

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