Company Profile and history


The company Adam zahradnická a.s. has been engaged in the segment of ornamental plants and trees wholesale for more than 22 years. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience and business contacts. We have a long-term experience in the field of ornamental plants sale in the Czech Republic.

We import plants from all significant growing areas in Europe. Our trees and shrubs are planted at numerous places all over the Czech Republic – Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. Throughout this time, we have been taking notice of your needs as gardeners and we have been implementing them. That is why we are fully acquainted with the issues and specificity of the gardening profession. We are trying to accommodate all your needs and requirements by means of offer, service, time flexibility and guarantee. We offer quality plants for solid price that is not growing on a long-term basis, but rather drops. We will deliver ordered plants according your specifications (in concordance with the vegetation conditions) directly to the place of planting. Regarding less common planting we offer free consultancy. Provided that technologically correct planting has taken place and the specific conditions given by the plant taxon have been observed and evidenced/proved adequate watering has been carried out we guarantee rooting and growth of the plant.

We have experience and insight into the assortment problems and thus we know, which plants prosper well in our conditions and which you are buying just for one season. We have reliable long-term partners – suppliers with the certified quality of production from all suitable growing areas in Europe and the Czech Republic.

Regarding small and medium time limited orders we offer quick and effective purchase in our Cash&Carry shop in Bříství. (see C&C section)

Assortment supplied by the company ADAM-zahradnická a.s. includes: deciduous alley trees – from whips and the most common - 2 to 3 times transplanted trees to the above standard sized trees, multistemmed trees, half-stem trees or shaped trees – espaliers and roof-shaped trees and many other shaped trees and shrubs, including bonsai trees. We also offer coniferous trees from little dwarf trees up to high-stemmed trees and trimmed solitary dwarf mountain pines. We are able to deliver small bare root shrubs (with 2 or 3 sprouts) in bulk up to big solitary shrubs for exclusive implementations. Upon an order we are able to deliver plants for hedges (deciduous and coniferous) and ready hedge segments, we further offer climbers from smaller plants up to 2 metres high specimen and last but not least also fruit alley high-stemmed trees. Provided you order bigger amount of plants we can also deliver perennials, bamboos, or other plants as a supplement to our standard trees and shrubs offer.

Send us your demand and we will send you our price-offer (with or without VAT according to your requirement). In case you accept our offer and order the goods, we will incorporate your final order into our logistics. According to current situation – spring or autumn season – we will deliver the ordered goods within 2 weeks in dependence on growing season and logistics availability. At our sales centre we also have available a supplementary assortment for planting to complete your order (stakes, bindings, underground anchoring systems, jute etc.).


The company ADAM - zahradnická, a.s. (joint-stock company) was founded in 1998 as a successor company of the companies EDEN, s.r.o. and Stromy pro srdce Evropy (Trees for the Heart of Europe). It entered the Czech market with ornamental plant material and certified grass seeds and during a short period it has succeeded in building two independent selling centres. The first centre is located in Lelekovice u Brna, where  also the registered office of the company is, and the second centre is situated in Prague at Prašný Most. Within 10 years, thanks to systematic, professional and patient work of the entire company management, the company has become one of the most significant plant suppliers in the Czech Republic.

In 2006, in consideration of constantly growing quantity of delivered goods, the company decided to build a completely new centre near Prague that complies with the European standards. In 2007, it purchased a piece of land with the area of 2 hectares in Bříství u Prahy. This place is ideal for this entrepreneurial activity. It is greatly accessible - it lies 18 kilometres far from Prague only, directly at the D11 motorway exit - and it is situated in the very heart of Polabská lowland - a significant gardening area. In 2009, after a year of intense preparation the company started with the construction proper. Thanks to enormous effort of the management, reliable suppliers and good cooperation with the municipal authorities and the state administration the centre was successfully completed by the end of 2009 and the company moved into the new centre on the 1st of January 2010. After that a unique Cash&Carry project came to life within the centre in Bříství, where you can purchase plants, grass seeds, fertilizers and substrates and additional planting material.

The company focuses on systematic development of all its activities now.

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