Assortment Cash & Carry


Our goal is to ensure that the Cash&Carry assortment includes everything that gardener needs for implementation of a project. At one place we have completed an offer of top quality products from the majority of gardening areas in Europe and the Czech Republic as well. On the selling space you can find cross-section of ornamental plants assortment, starting with perennials, followed by deciduous and coniferous shrubs up to alley trees and solitaires. Our intention is that each assortment has its permanent place within the selling space and is continuously available according to agricultural availability.

With certain degree of exaggeration we may say that in Bříství, on the area of 2 hectares, it is possible to find assortment from the whole Europe.

The plant assortment is completed by a range of additional products necessary for gardening implementations. We offer certified grass seeds, fertilizers, substrates, underground tree anchoring systems, stakes and many other products here. Our idea is to help gardeners to find everything they need at one place and thus shop in the most efficient way. "One stop shop".

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